The Uşak Güneykent Residences are earthquake-resistant housing units constructed in Uşak. The structure, equipped with a reinforced concrete support system, has been designed as a seismic isolated system. The superstructure has been insulated against earthquake impacts at the foundation level using earthquake isolators. TİS Teknolojik İzolatör Sistemleri A.Ş. designed, manufactured, and conducted the on-site assembly of the earthquake isolators for the building. Sezer Ateş Construction was the contractor for the construction. Details regarding the project and the earthquake isolation system are provided in the table below.

Name of the produced devices

TİS Double Pendulum (TDP)

Project year


Total number of devices

88 (Str: 82 + Prototype: 6)

Displacement capacity of the devices

± 300 mm

Load bearing capacity of the devices

1600/ 2300/ 3500 kN