Middle East Technical University, Center for Wind Energy Research (METUWIND) has started construction of new administrative building and laboratory building in the campus of METU. This laboratory building will include the first supersonic wind tunnel in Turkey, which will be used by many industries such as aviation, automotive and construction. Steel body of the wind tunnel is placed on pot bearings and fixed and guided special bearings that have been designed, manufactured and installed by TİS Teknolojik İzolatör Sistemleri A.Ş. Information about the bearings is presented at the table below.

Name of the produced devices      TİS Pot Bearing (TPB)
Project year 2017
Total number of devices 40 (Pot bearing: 22 + Other: 18)
Load bearing capacity of the devices   660 / 1100 kN
Displacement capacity of the devices   ± 60 mm
Rotation capacity of the devices   ± 0.025 rad