Taşlıgüney 2 Viaduct is a balanced cantilever highway bridge with a total length of 573 meters in 8 spans and a height of 120 meters at the deepest, located on the Erzurum-Kars Highway, being built with the incremental launching method with 4 middle spans. The balanced cantilever middle piers of the bridge are constructed monolithic, and the side piers are connected to the approaches by spherical abutments with anti-uplift guided spherical bearings. The spherical bearings on the side piers, which will withstand 25000 kN compressive and 8500 kN tensile force, as well as exhibit a maximum displacement of ±1000 mm during the maximum credible earthquake, have been manufactured by TIS Teknolojik İzolatör Sistemleri, and their site installation continues.

Name of the produced devices

TİS Spherical Bearing (TSB)

Project year


Total number of devices

8 (Anti-uplift, guided sliding)

Load bearing capacity of the devices

Comp: 25500 / Tens: 8500 kN

Load capacities of supports

5300 kN

Displacement capacity of the devices

± 1000 mm

Rotation capacity of the devices

± 0.02 rad