Historical Göztepe Train Station Building is a masonry structure that is being renovated within the scope of Marmaray Project. The earthquake protection after the restoration is decided to be achieved by seismic isolation system. To that purpose, a new R/C walls are constructed underneath the actual station building and base isolation devices have been installed on that new shear walls. The seismic isolators have been designed, manufactured and installed by TİS Teknolojik İzolatör Sistemleri A.Ş. The construction works have been completed by KKC Marmaray İnşaat M.T.O. Information about the project and isolation system is presented at the table below.

Name of the produced devices   TİS Double Pendulum (TDP)
Project year 2018
Total number of devices 11 (Str: 9 + Prototype: 2)
Displacement capacity of the devices ± 300 mm
Load bearing capacity of the devices 4000 kN