TİS Teknolojik İzolatör Sistemleri provided the design and production of a total of 92 pot type structural bearings on the steel roofs of the podium building located at the entrance of the Central Bank of Iraq, which is being built by DAAX Construction in Baghdad. In the first phase of the project, a total of 26 bearings in 4 different types have been installed on the first-floor roof of the podium; in the second and third stages, there are 66 free sliding pot bearings of 6 different types on the lobby of the tower and the roof of the podium upper floor. The features of 10 different types of bearings used in the project are given in the table below.

Name of the produced devices   TİS Pot Bearing (TPB)
Project year 2020
Total number of devices 92 (Free sliding)
Load bearing capacity of the devices   150 – 3000 kN
Displacement capacity of the devices ± 50/50 – 450/50 mm
Rotation capacity of the devices   ± 0.004 – 0.02 rad