Who Are We?

After the losses due to the earthquake, the use of earthquake isolation devices has become quite common in the world.

TİS, which was founded by MIM Engineering in Türkiye, combining knowledge of engineering and capital, has created a space that manages the entire process to design, installation and service especially in health sector.

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Resistant
  • Economic
  • Innovator
  • Technologic

Our Vision

In addition to being the first and only manufacturer of friction pendulum type isolators in Turkey, we aim to export with the leadership of the region by adding pot and spherical bearings to our product portfolio.

Having a young and educated organizational structure, we are proud of being able to stand on the ground more strongly in every step we take.

Our Mission

With the continuation of the functions of the structures during the earthquake, in order to achieve the unachievable;

  To create added value in education and employment,

  To play a role in the development of our region and our country,

  To be one body in the targets by foreseeing the future,

  To establish a safe and peaceful environment in every area we serve,

  To find solutions for needs with our qualified workforce,

  To achieve the highest level of quality in our products tomorrow as it is today,

  The importance we give to people and the environment with our ethical values,

  To be smiling, honest, respectful and fair with our hard work,

  To be sustainable in our international activities,

  To be the solution partner of our customers with our products and services as a sought-after company at home and abroad,

                                                                 We are going to continue…


The First and Only Local Company to Manufacture Spherical Surface Pendulum Type Friction Steel Earthquake Isolation Device; TİS

Today, the most widely accepted high earthquake technology is earthquake isolation. Earthquake isolation is provided by the isolation interface created by earthquake isolation devices placed under the building. Isolation devices prevent the transfer of earthquake to the superstructure and almost eliminate the effect of the earthquake on the building.

Bringing a new perspective to earthquake isolation in our country, increasing product diversity and competitiveness by developing different designs according to imported products, providing services with high added value in this field and continuing to work with a competent R&D team are among the long-term projects and objectives of TIS ranks at first.

With TİS, jobs are completed in a planned, high quality and fast way!

The import and delivery of the isolation devices purchased from abroad took a period of one year from the order, and since the isolation devices are generally mounted on the foundation, this period can slow down the construction speed and stop from time to time. Since TIS is a domestic producer, these problems are not experienced.

With TİS, foreign dependency is eliminated!

Turkey earthquake isolation device design from the assembly until their know our country because it lacks a domestic firm that uses how a long period of time are needed in this area, the US, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, was met by imported from countries such as China and New Zealand. With the TIS, dependence on foreign sources has largely disappeared.


Quality Policy

Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • To maintain and continuously improve our system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 45001 Environment, and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems,
  • In line with customer satisfaction and request, to realize the product in accordance with quality, environmental and safety standards and to deliver on time,
  • Maintaining our leadership in the sector by reducing costs and continuously improving product quality
  • Continuing the training of all employees, organizing training programs and ensuring the participation of all personnel,
  • Not to pollute the environment we work with, to protect our natural resources, to minimize the use of resources, to develop design and production in a way that will create the least waste, and to ensure lower energy consumption,
  • To effectively program and implement the control and supervision of employees with production tools and equipment to ensure occupational safety, to prevent bodily injury and occupational diseases
  • To ensure that everything we do is done the first time, continuously and correctly
  • To work in accordance with international standards and legal requirements

    Uğurcan Özçamur
    General Manager


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